Timeline of CNUCE

1965 July 5, the University of Pisa founds the CNUCE (Centro Nazionale Universitario di Calcolo Elettronico) as a University computer center, and establishes a partnership with the IBM Scientific Center in Pisa (IBM 7090, 2 IBM 1401)
1967 DCMP (Digital Computer Music Program)
1969 IBM 1800 and IBM 360/30
1971 IBM 360/67 with CP/CMS and OS/MVT-HASP
1972 Start of remote connections (dial-up, leased lines), interactive terminals, and remote printers/card readers
1973 IBM 370-155 OS/MVS-HASP
1974 RPCNET (Reel Project Computer NETwork) kick off
1974 IBM 370/168 with VM/CMS
1974 IBM 370/158 with OS/VS2-HASP
1974 CNUCE becomes an Institute of the CNR (National Research Council of Italy)
1975 Start of RSCS service
1975 CNUCE responsible for flight dynamics in the SIRIO project
1976 RPCNET prototype presentation
1978 Start of RPCNET service among CNR computer centers
1978 Flight manager in the launch of the first Italian satellite SIRIO
1979 Linguistics section becomes Institute of Computational Linguistics of CNR in Pisa
1982 OSIRIDE (Open Systems Interconnection Su Rete Italiana Dati Eterogenea) Open Systems Interconnection over Heterogeneous Italian Data Network project kick off
1984 CNUCE becomes a node of EARN (European Academic Research Network)
1985-1987 Flight dynamics system and data transmission system of the SIRIO2 satellite
1985 IBM SNA replaces RPCNET
1986 CNUCE goes on INTERNET
1988-1994 Mission operation team in SRL-1 SRL-2 flights
1989-1990 COLUMBUS navigation, rendezvous, and proximity operations
1989-1990 IRIS/LAGEOS-2 mission analysis and operations
1990 Responsible for reentry predictions for uncontrolled spatial objects
1996 Project representative in LEOP operations for ITALSAT F2
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