Research and Development Projects

The active projects are sorted in alphabetic order.

AGINFRA PLUS - Accelerating user-driven e-infrastructure innovation in Food Agriculture

ArchAIDE - ArchAIDE – Archaeological Automatic Interpretation and Documentation of cEramics

ARIADNE - Advanced Research Infrastructure for Archaeological Dataset Networking in Europe

ASAP - An Adaptive, highly Scalable Analytics Platform

BASMATI - Cloud Brokerage Across Borders for Mobile Users and Applications

BlueBRIDGE - Building Research environments for fostering Innovation, Decision making, Governance and Education to support Blue growth

Cimplex - "Bringing CItizens, Models and Data together in Participatory, Interactive SociaL Exploratories"

CRAIM - CRAIM - Centro di Ricerca per l'Analisi delle Informazioni Multimediali

DIITET- Sostenibilità Energetica - Energia da Fonti Rinnovabili e ICT per la Sostenibilità Energetica

DOREMI - Decrease of cOgnitive decline, malnutRition and sedEntariness by elderly empowerment in lifestyle Management and social Inclusion

DSurf - DSurf: Scalable Computational Methods for 3D Printing Surfaces

EGI-Engage - Engaging the EGI Community towards an Open Science Commons

eInfraCentral - eInfraCentral - European E-Infrastructure Services Gateway

ElasTest - ElasTest: an elastic platform for testing complex distributed large software systems

EMOTIVE - Emotive Virtual cultural Experiences through personalized storytelling

ENVRI PLUS - Environmental Research Infrastructures Providing Shared Solutions for Science and Society

EOSCpilot - The European Open Science Cloud for Research Pilot Project.


GAUSS - Governing Adaptive and Unplanned Systems of Systems

HAMLET - Hardware Acceleration of Machine LEarning Tasks

INTESA - Servizi Ict iNTegrati per il bEnessere di Soggetti frAgili

LARASE - Laser Ranged Satellites Experiment

Learn PAd - Model-Based Learning for Public Administrations

LIGA - Large-scale Indie Gaming Analytics

MIE - Mobilità Intelligente Ecosostenibile

MIE (F) - Mobilità Intelligente Ecosostenibile

MISURATORI FISCALI - Misuratori Fiscali

MOSCARDO - Tecnologie ICT per il MOnitoraggio Strutturale di Costruzioni Antiche basato su Reti di sensori wireless e DrOni

NESTORE - Novel Empowering Solutions and Technologies for Older people to Retain Everyday life activities

OpenAIRE-Connect - OpenAIRE - CONNECTing scientific results in support of Open Science

OpenAIRE2020 - Open Access Infrastructure for Research in Europe 2020

OpenUP - OPENing UP new methods, indicators and tools for peer review, impact measurement and dissemination of research results

PerformFISH - Consumer driven Production: Integrating Innovative Approaches for Competitive and Sustainable Performance across the Mediterranean Aquaculture Value Chain

PersonAAL - Mobile Accessibility of Personalized Web Application to Improve Remote Care for Older Adults

Petra - Personal Transport Advisor: an integrated platform of mobility patterns for Smart Cities to enable demand-adaptive transportation systems

QUANTICOL - A Quantitative Approach to Management and Design of Collective and Adaptive Behaviours

RDA Europe 3.0 - RDA Europe – the European plug-in to the global Research Data Alliance (RDA)



SELFIE - Sistema di Elementi avanzati multi Layer basato su superFici e materiali Innovativi nanostrutturati per una Edilizia sostenibile ed energeticamente efficiente

SEMEOTICONS - SEMEiotic Oriented Technology for Individual’s CardiOmetabolic risk