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PUMA, and MetaPub allow for more selective retrieval from the collections of the CNR Institutes; in particular from the CSCE, CNUCE, IEI, and ISTI collections.

Journal articles

1Bolognesi T. Algorithmic causets. In: Journal of Physics: Conference Series, vol. 306 (1) article n. 012042. Special issue: 5th International Workshop DICE 2010 Space-Time-Matter - Current Issues in Quantum Mechanics and Beyond. Lajos Diósi, Hans-Thomas Elze, Leone Fronzoni, Jonathan Halliwell, Enrico Prati, Giuseppe Vitiello, James Yearsley (eds.). IOP Science, 2011.        
2Fantechi A., Gnesi S. Model Checking cos'è e come si applica. In: Mondo Digitale, vol. 38/39 pp. 29 - 38. AICA, 2011.     
3Ferrari A., Magnani G., Grasso D., Fantechi A., Tempestini M. Adoption of model-based testing and abstract interpretation by a railway signalling manufacturer. In: International Journal of Embedded and Real-Time Communication Systems (IJERTCS), vol. 2 (2) pp. 42 - 61. IGI Global, 2011.        
4Ter Beek M. H., Fantechi A., Gnesi S., Mazzanti F. A state/event-based model-checking approach for the analysis of abstract system properties. In: Science of Computer Programming, vol. 76 (2) pp. 119 - 135. Elsevier, 2011.        

Contribution to Book/Monograph

1Bartoletti M., Caires L., Lanese I., Mazzanti F., Sangiorgi D., Tores Vieira U., Zunino R. Tools and veriï¬
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