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PUMA, and MetaPub allow for more selective retrieval from the collections of the CNR Institutes; in particular from the CSCE, CNUCE, IEI, and ISTI collections.

Journal articles

1Lucchese C., Bonchi F., Giannotti F., Orlando S., Perego R., Trasarti R. A constraint-based querying system for exploratory pattern discovery. In: Information Systems, vol. 34 (1) pp. 3 - 27. Elsevier, 2009.     
2Lucchese C., Kozat S., Vlachos M., Yu P. S., Herle H. Embedding and retrieving private metadata in electrocardiograms. In: Journal of Medical Systems, vol. 33 (4) pp. 241 - 259. Springer, 2009.        

Contribution to Book/Monograph

1Gennaro C., Mandreoli F., Martoglia R., Mordacchini M., Orlando S., Penzo W., Sassatelli S., Tiberio P. Toward an effective and efficient query processing in the NeP4B project. In: Information Systems: People, Organizations, Institutions, and Technologies. pp. 217 - 226. D'Atri Alessandro, Saccà Domenico (eds.). Berlin: Springer, 2009.     
2Lempel R., Silvestri F., Donato D. Web search result caching and prefetching. In: Encyclopedia of Database Systems. pp. 3501 - 3506. Ling Liu, M. Tamer Özsu (eds.). New York: Springer, 2009.        


1Baraglia R., Castillo C., Donato D., Nardini F. M., Perego R., Silvestri F. Aging effects on query flow graphs for query suggestion. In: CIKM 2009 - Conference on Information and Knowledge Management (Hong Kong, 30 October - 4 November 2009). Proceedings, pp. 1947 - 1950. ACM, 2009.        
2Baraglia R., Perego R., Silvestri F., Cacheda F., Carneiro V., Formoso V. Search shortcuts using click-through data from the 2006 RFP dataset. In: WSCD 2009 - Web Search and Web Data Mining. 2009 Workshop on Web Search Click Data (Barcelona, Spain, 9 February 2009). Proceedings, pp. 48 - 55. ACM, 2009.        
3Baraglia R., Cacheda F., Carneiro V., Formoso V., Perego R., Silvestri F. Search shortcuts: a new approach to the recommendation of queries. In: ACM RecSys 2009 - ACM Conference on Recommender Systems (New York City, October 23-25 2009). Proceedings, pp. 77 - 84. ACM, 2009.        
4Beneventano D., Gennaro C., Mordacchini M., Nana Mbinkeu R. C., Rodrigue C. Query processing in a mediator system for data and multimedia. In: ISDSI 2009 - First International Workshop on Interoperability through Semantic Data and Service Integration (Camogli, Genova, 25 June 2009). Proceedings, pp. 101 - 115. STASIS, 2009.     
5Bolettieri P., Falchi F., Lucchese C., Yosi M., Perego R., Rabitti F., Shmueli-Scheurer M. Searching 100M images by content similarity. In: IRCDL 2009 - 5th Italian Research Conference on Digital Libraries (Padova, 29-30 Gennaio 2009). Atti, pp. 88 - 99. M. Agosti, F. Esposito, C. Thanos (eds.). DELOS: an Association for Digital Libraries, 2009.  
6Capannini G., Baraglia R., Pasquali M., Ricci L., Laforenza D. A priority-based multilevel scheduler for batch jobs on grids. In: PDPTA 2009 - International Conference on Parallel and Distributed Processing Techniques and Applications (Las Vegas, Nevada, 13-16 July 2009). Proceedings, pp. 444 - 450. Hamid R. Arabnia (ed.). CSREA Press, 2009.  
7Capannini G., Baraglia R., Nardini F. M., Silvestri F. Sorting using BItonic netwoRk wIth CUDA. In: LSDS-IR '09 - 7th Workshop on Large-Scale Distributed Systems for Information Retrieval (Boston, 19-23 July 2009). Proceedings, pp. 33 - 40. Claudio Lucchese, Gleb Skobeltsyn, Wai Gen Yee (eds.). LSDS-IR, 2009.     
8Carfi D., Coppola M., Laforenza D., Ricci L. DDT: a distributed data structure for the support of P2P range query. In: CollaborateCom 2009. - 5th International Conference on Collaborative Computing: Networking, Applications and Worksharing (Washington, DC, 11-14 November 2009). Proceedings, pp. 1 - 10. IEEE, 2009.        
9Carlini E., Coppola M., Dazzi P., Laforenza D., Martinelli S., Ricci L. Service and resource discovery supports over P2P overlays. In: ICUMT 09 - IEEE International Conference on Ultra Modern Communications & Workshops (St.Petersurg, Russia, 12 - 14 Ottobre 2009). Proceedings, IEEE, 2009.        
10Dazzi P., Felber P., Le Bao A., Leonini L., Mordacchini M., Perego R., Rajman M., Rivière É. Peer-to-Peer clustering of Web-browsing users. In: LSDS-IR'09 - 7th Workshop on Large-Scale Distributed Systems for Information Retrieval (Boston, USA, 23 July 2009). Proceedings, vol. 480 pp. 71 - 78. Claudio Lucchese, Gleb Skobeltsyn, Wai Gen Yee (eds.). CEUR-WS, 2009.     
11Falchi F., Lucchese C., Orlando S., Perego R., Rabitti F. Caching content-based queries for robust and efficient image retrieval. In: EDBT 2009 - 12th International Conference on Extending Database Technology: Advances in Database Technology (Saint-Petersburg, Russia, 23-26 Marzo 2009). Proceedings, pp. 780 - 790. (Extending Database Technology, vol. 360). ACM, 2009.        
12Ferragina P., Nitto I., Venturini R. On optimally partitioning a text to improve its compression. In: ESA 2009 - Algorithms. 17th Annual European Symposium (Copenhagen, Denmark, 7-9 September 2009). Proceedings, pp. 420 - 431. (Lecture Notes in Computer Science, vol. 5757). Springer, 2009.        
13Ferragina P., Nitto I., Venturini R. On the bit-complexity of Lempel-Ziv compression. In: SODA 2009 - Symposium on Discrete Algorithms (New York, 4-6 January 2009). Proceedings, pp. 768 - 777. ACM/SIAM, 2009.     
14Gennaro C., Mandreoli F., Martoglia R., Mordacchini M., Penzo W., Sassatelli S. Combining semantic and multimedia query routing techniques for unified data retrieval in a PDMS. In: ISDSI 2009 - First International Workshop on Interoperability through Semantic Data and Service Integration (Camogli, Genova, 25 June 2009). Proceedings, pp. 17 - 28. STASIS, 2009.     
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16Leonardi L., Orlando S., Raffaetà A., Roncato A., Silvestri C. Frequent spatio-temporal patterns in trajectory data warehouses. In: SAC 2009 - ACM Symposium on Applied Computing (Honolulu, Hawaii, USA, 9 -12 Marzo 2009). Proceedings, pp. 1433 - 1440. ACM, 2009.        
17Lucchese C., Falchi F., Perego R., Rabitti F., Orlando S. Caching algorithms for similarity search. In: SEBD 2009 - 17th Italian Symposium on Advanced Database Systems (Camogli, Genova, 21-24 June 2009). Atti, Seneca Edizioni, 2009.  
18Lucchese C., Perego R., Bolettieri P., Esuli A., Falchi F., Rabitti F. Enabling content-based image retrieval in very large digital libraries. In: VLDL 2009 - Second Workshop on Very Large Digital Libraries (Corfu, Greece, 2 October 2009). Proceedings, pp. 43 - 50. Yannis Ioannidis, Paolo Manghi, Pasquale Pagano (eds.). DELOS, 2009.  
19Mordacchini M., Dazzi P., Tolomei G., Baraglia R., Silvestri F., Orlando S. Challenges in designing an interest-based distributed aggregation of users in P2P systems. In: ICUMT 2009 - International Conference on Ultra-Modern Communications & Workshops (St. Petersburg, Russia, 12-14 Ottobre 2009). Proceedings, article n. 1569240661. IEEE, 2009.        
20Mordacchini M., Albano M., Baraglia R., Ricci L. Efficient broadcast on area of interest in voronoi overlays. In: CSE 2009 - International Conference on Computational Science and Engineering (Vancouver, Canada, 29-31 Agosto 2009). Proceedings, vol. 1 pp. 224 - 231. IEEE, 2009.        
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23Tolomei G. Search the web x.0: mining and recommending web-mediated processes. In: RecSys 2009 - Third ACM Conference on Recommender systems (New York City - USA, 22-25/10 2009). Proceedings, pp. 417 - 420. ACM, 2009.        
24Tonellotto N., Giordano M., Di Napoli C., Németh Z. A chemical metaphor to model service selection for composition of services. In: WPABA 09 - 2nd International Workshop on Parallel, Architectures and Bioinspired Algorithms (Raleigh, NC, USA, 12-16 Settembre 2009). Proceedings, pp. 11 - 19. IEEE, 2009.  


1Lee W., Jianliang X., Jianzhong L., Silvestri F. Special Section: Scalable information systems. vol. 25 (1) pp. 51 - 52. Elsevier, 2009.        

Technical reports

1Baraglia R., Broccolo D., Nardini F. M. Realizzazione di un recommender system per motus. Technical report, 2009.  
2Bolettieri P., Esuli A., Lucchese C., Perego R., Piccioli T., Rabitti F. CoPhIR: a test collection for content-based image retrieval. Technical report, 2009.  
3Esuli A., Falchi F., Lucchese C., Perego R., Rabitti F. CoPhIR: a test collection for content-based image retrieval. Technical report, 2009.  
4Lucchese C., Perego R., Orlando S. A generative pattern model for mining binary datasets. Technical report, 2009.  
5Tonellotto N., Bartoli G., Bravi M. Setting up a Mac OS X 10.4 cluster for distributed computing. Technical report, 2009.  


1Baraglia R., Cacheda F., Carneiro V., Formoso V., Perego R., Silvestri F. Search shortcuts: driving users towards their goals. In: WWW 2009 - 18th International Conference on World Wide Web (Madrid, April 20-24 2009). Abstract, pp. 1073 - 1074. ACM, 2009.        
2Carlini E., Coppola M., Laforenza D. XtreemOS, an Open-source Grid operating system targeting the future internet. In: ConfSL'09 - III Conferenza Italiana sul Software Libero (Bologna, 12-13 giugno 2009).   
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