Signals and Images Laboratory (SI)

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Umberto Barcaro   Research Collaborator
Luigi Bedini   Research Collaborator
Renzo Beltrame   Research Collaborator
Antonio Benassi   Research Associate
Graziano Bertini   Research Collaborator
Andrea Carboni   Research Staff
Massimo Chimenti   Research Collaborator
Sara Colantonio   Research Staff
Primo Coltelli   Research Staff
Simone Coscetti   Graduate Fellow
Giuseppe Fusco   Technical Staff
Danila Germanese   Graduate Fellow
Muhammad Hanif   Graduate Fellow
Bushra Jalil   Postdoctoral Fellow
Ercan Kuruoglu   Research Staff
Giuseppe Leone   Postdoctoral Fellow
Massimo Magrini   Research Staff
Massimo Martinelli   Technical Staff
Davide Moroni   Research Staff
Daniela Musto   Research Staff
Paolo Paradisi   Research Staff
Francesca Pardini   Technical Staff
Maria Pascali   Research Staff
Gabriele Pieri   Research Staff
Marco Reggiannini   Research Staff
Marco Righi   Research Staff
Emanuele Salerno   Research Staff
Ovidio Salvetti   Research Associate
Andrea Scozzari   Research Staff
Marco Tampucci   Technical Staff
Leonello Tarabella   Research Collaborator
Anna Tonazzini   Research Staff
Maria Venianaki   Research Collaborator

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