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PUMA, and MetaPub allow for more selective retrieval from the collections of the CNR Institutes; in particular from the CSCE, CNUCE, IEI, and ISTI collections.

Journal articles

1Biscoglio I., Fusani M. Reducing textual ambiguity risk in high-impact standards. In: Radioelectronic and computer systems, vol. 5 pp. 198 - 203. National Aerospace University, 2013.     

Contribution to Book/Monograph

1Ter Beek M. H., Gnesi S., Latella D., Massink M., Sebastianis M., Trentanni G. An application of stochastic model checking in the industry: user-centered modeling and analysis of collaboration in thinkteam. In: Formal Methods for Industrial Critical Systems: A Survey of Applications Formal Methods for Industrial Critical Systems: A Survey of Applications. pp. 179 - 203. Stefania Gnesi, Tiziana Margaria (eds.). Hoboken, NJ, USA: Wiley, 2013.        


1Buglione L., Lami G., Gresse Von Wangenheim C., Mc Caffrey F., Rossa Hauck J. C. Leveraging reuse-related maturity issues for achieving higher maturity & capability levels. In: ICSR 2013 - Safe and Secure Software Reuse. 13th International conference (Pisa, Italy, 18 - 20 June 2013). Proceedings, pp. 343 - 354. John Favaro, Maurizio Morisio (eds.). (Lecture Notes in Computer Science, vol. 7925). Springer, 2013.           
2Lami G., Fabbrini F., Fusani M. A methodology to derive sustainability indicators for software development projects. In: ICSSP 2013 - International Conference on Software and System Process (San Francisco, CA, USA, 18-19 May 2013). Proceedings, pp. 70 - 77. ACM, 2013.           
3Lami G., Buglione L., Fabbrini F. Derivation of green metrics for software. In: SPICE 2013 - Software Process Improvement and Capability Determination. 13th International SPICE Conference (Bremen, Germany, 4-6 June 2013). Proceedings, pp. 13 - 24. Tanja Woronowicz, Terry Rout, Rory V. O’Connor, Alec Dorling (eds.). (Communications in Computer and Information Science, vol. 349). Springer, 2013.           

Technical reports

1Bailer W., Biscoglio I., Boch L., Borgotallo R., Chakravarthy A., Foster S., Falchi F., Gallo F., Ligios L., Laurenson P., Marchetti E., Melas P., Rendina M., Walland P. PRESTO4U - Research Outputs Assessments v1. European Technology for Digital Audiovisual Media Preservation (Presto4U). Deliverable D3.2, 2013.     
2Meghini C., Versienti L., Wright R., Verbruggen E., Lindgaard P. H., Christensen T., Marchetti E., Biscoglio I. PRESTO4U - D2.1 CoP Knowledge Schema. Presto4U. Deliverable D2.1, 2013.  


1Fabbrini F. Software fiscale: un'esperienza di certificazione. In: STF 2014 - Italian Software Testing Forum (Milano, 23-26 giugno 2013).   
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