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The restoration documentation system, developed by CNR for the restoration of the Neptune Fountain (Bologna), presented at Ferrara Restauro  (29 Mar 2017)

R. Scopigno presented a keynote talk at a symposium organized by the Metropolitan Museum and CHI, New York (USA), March 7th-8th, 2017  (17 Mar 2017)

A new Joint International Research Lab approved by DIITET, to join and foster the skills and technologies of CNR and CNRS on the themes of 3D digitization and interactive graphics for CH applications  (16 Jan 2017)

Project Megafauna 3D (Montevideo, Uruguay) publishes results on the web by endorsing CNR's 3DHOP  (13 Sep 2016)

Visual Computing Lab on Euronews  (09 Jun 2016)

Three nominations for CNR-ISTI at the 2015 DIGITAL HUMANITIES AWARDS  (21 Feb 2016)

The course "3D Digitization for Cultural Heritage" held by Marco Callieri (VC Lab ISTI) marked the start of the Global Initiative of Academic Networks (GIAN), in India.   (03 Dec 2015)

Digital Heritage 2015, a success!  (07 Oct 2015)

Dentro il Visual Computing Lab, tecnologia per le opere d'arte  (31 Mar 2015)

Contributo CNR-ISTI alla mostra su Pollock del Guggenheim Museum Venezia  (04 Mar 2015)

ACM Bulletin nella sua sezione "Today's Topic: People of ACM" presenta una intervista a Roberto Scopigno (Isti-Cnr) ed una breve bio  (10 Nov 2014)

Scoprire le monete antiche. Multimedialità e divulgazione museale  (28 Feb 2014, 17:30:00)

Auditorium di Palazzo Blu - Pisa:

L’applicazione open source MeshLab raggiunge il primo milione di download  (18 Jan 2014)

CNR e Scuola Normale per salvare la Badia Camaldolese di Volterra  (29 Jul 2013)


Eliana Siotto selezionata come membro dell'Advisory Board della piattaforma regionale "Tecnologie-Beni Culturali e Cultura"  (29 Mar 2018)

Makers of Merit at the European Edition of the Maker Faire in Rome 1-3 Dicembre 2017  (04 Dec 2017)

Eurographics Software Award   (12 Jul 2017)

Highly Cited Research Award 2017 in Journal of Cultural Heritage, Elsevier  (17 Jan 2017)

Paolo Cignoni Eurographics Fellow  (20 May 2016)

Two ISTI-CNR Projects Win at the DH Awards 2015   (17 Mar 2016)

Best Paper Award at Digital Heritage 2015  (14 Oct 2015)

CNR-ISTI awarded at "Digital Heritage 2013" Conference  (06 Nov 2013)

Roberto Scopigno has been appointed as Editor-in-Chief of ACM JOCCH - Journal of Computing and Cultural Heritage   (15 May 2012)

"3D models for Cultural heritage: beyond plain visualization" by R. Scopigno and colleagues of the Visual Computing Lab   (18 Sep 2011)

Roberto Scopigno is the recipient of the Tartessos Prize 2011.  (30 Jun 2011)

Gianpaolo Palma won the "Premio Vespucci" (Vespucci Award - Dec. 16th, 2010) for the category "Cultural Heritage - Special prize Flores 2010"  (22 Dec 2010)

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