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PUMA, and MetaPub allow for more selective retrieval from the collections of the CNR Institutes; in particular from the CSCE, CNUCE, IEI, and ISTI collections.

Journal articles

1Anticaglia S., Barsi F., Bertossi A. A., Iamele L., Pinotti M. C. Efficient heuristics for data broadcasting on multiple channels. In: Wireless Networks, vol. 14 (2) pp. 219 - 231. Springer, 2008.        
2Barsocchi P., Bertossi A. A., Pinotti M. C., Potortě F. Allocating data for broadcasting over wireless channels subject to transmission errors. In: Wireless Networks, (published online: October 2008 - DOI 10.1007/s11276-008-0136-z) pubblicazione cartacea vol.16 (2) 2010, pp. 355-365. Springer Netherlands, 2008.        
3Bertossi A. A., Olariu S., Pinotti M. C. Efficient corona training protocols for sensor networks. In: Theoretical Computer Science, vol. 402 (1) pp. 2 - 15. Elsevier, 2008.        
4Furfari F., Tazari M. Realizing ambient assisted living spaces with the PERSONA platform. In: ERCIM News, vol. 74 pp. 47 - 48. Special issue: Supercomputing at Work. Peter Kunz (ed.). ERCIM EEIG, 2008.     
5Magnenat Thalmann N., Peternier A., Righetti X., Lim M., Papagiannakis G., Fragopoulos T., Lambropoulou K., Barsocchi P., Thalmann D. A virtual 3D mobile guide in the INTERMEDIA project. In: Visual Computer, vol. 24 (7/9) pp. 827 - 836. Springer, 2008.        
6Reiterer B., Concolato C., Lachner J., Le Feuvre J., Moissinac J., Lenzi S., Chessa S., Ferrŕ E. F., Gonzalez Menaya J. J., Hellwagner H. User-centric universal multimedia access in home networks. In: Visual Computer, vol. 24 (7/9) pp. 837 - 845. Springer, 2008.        
7Savić D., Potortě F., Furfari F., Pustišek M., Tomažič S., Bešter J. CostGlue: simulation data exchange in telecommunications. In: Simulation-Transactions of the Society for Modeling and Simulation International, vol. 84 pp. 157 - 168. SAGE Journal, 2008.     

Contribution to Book/Monograph

1Barsi F., Bertossi A. A., Betti Sorbelli F., Ciotti R., Olariu S., Pinotti M. C. Asynchronous training in wireless sensor networks. In: Algorithmic Aspects of Wireless Sensor Networks. pp. 46 - 57. Kutylowski Miroslaw, Chicon Jacec, Kubiac Przemylsaw (eds.). (Lecture Notes in Computer Science, vol. 4837). Berlin / Heidelberg: Springer Verlag, 2008.        
2Barsocchi P., Bertossi A. A., Pinotti M. C., Potortě F. Quality of service of data broadcasting algorithms on erroneous wireless channels. In: Handbook of Research on Mobile Multimedia. 2 ed. pp. 421 - 436. Ismail Khalil Ibrahim (ed.). New York: Information Science Reference (an imprint of IGI Global), 2008.     
3Ferro E. Apparati e tecnologie per reti telematiche. In: I Progetti del Dipartimento ICT del Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche 2008. pp. 15 - 50. Pisa, Italy: Pacini Editore, 2008.     


1Albano M., Chessa S., Di Pietro R. Information assurance in critical infrastructures via wireless sensor networks. In: IAS - 4th International Conference on Information Assurance and Security (Naples, Italy, 08-10 September 2008). Proceedings, pp. 305 - 310. IEEE, 2008.        
2Barsi F., Bertossi A. A., Lavault C., Navarra A., Olariu S., Pinotti M. C., Ravelomanana V. Efficient binary schemes for training heterogeneous sensor and actor networks. In: HeterSanet 2008 - International Symposium On Mobile Ad Hoc Networking & Computing. 1st ACM International Workshop on Heterogeneous Sensor and Actor Networks (Hong Kong, China, 26 maggio 2008). Proceedings, pp. 17 - 24. ACM, 2008.     
3Barsocchi P., Oligeri G. A novel approach for multicast video streaming in hybrid networks. In: IWSSC08 - International Workshop on Satellite and Space Communications 2008 (Toulouse, France, 01-03 October 2008). Proceedings, pp. 311 - 315. IEEE, 2008.     
4Barsocchi P., Gotta A. Experimental video broadcasting in DVB-RCS/S2 with land mobile satellite channel: a reliability issue. In: IWSSC08 - International Workshop on Satellite Communications (Toulouse, France, 01-03 October 2008). Proceedings, pp. 234 - 238. IEEE, 2008.     
5Bolla R., Repetto M., Chessa S., Furfari F., De Zutter S., Van De Walle R., Reiterer B., Hellwagner H., Asbach M., Wien M. A context-aware architecture for QoS and transcoding management of multimedia streams in smart homes. In: ETFA08 - 13th IEEE International Conference on Emerging Technologies and Factory Automation (Hamburg, Germany, 15-18 September 2008). Proceedings, pp. 1354 - 1361. IEEE, 2008.        
6Celandroni N., Davoli F., Ferro E., Gotta A. Smart buses for ubiquitous broadband satellite services in urban, suburban and highway environments. In: 14th Ka and Broadband Communications Conference (Matera, Italy, 24-26 Settembre 2008). Proceedings, pp. 653 - 660. IIC Genova, 2008.  
7Chessa S., Furfari F., Girolami M., Lenzi S. SAIL: a sensor abstraction and integration layer for context awareness. In: 34th EUROMICRO Conference on Software Engineering and Advances Applications - Special Session on Software Architecture for Pervasive Systems (SAPS) (Parma, Italy, 03-05 September 2008). Proceedings, pp. 347 - 381. IEEE/CS, 2008.  
8Fides-Valero A., Freddi M., Furfari F., Tazari M. The PERSONA framework for supporting context-awareness in open distributed systems. In: AmI 2008 - Ambient Intelligence. European Conference (Norimberga, Germania, 19-22 November 2008). Proceedings, pp. 91 - 108. E. Aarts et al. (eds.). (Lecture Notes in Computer Science, vol. 5355). Springer N.Y, 2008.        
9Pessoa Albini L. C., Brawerman A., Nogueira Lima M., Chessa S., Maestrini P. Virtual structure effects in two hybrid routing protocols for ad hoc networks. In: ISWPC - IEEE International Symposium on Wireless Pervasive Computing (Santorini, Greece, 7-9 May 2008). Proceedings, pp. 436 - 440. IEEE, 2008.        
10Rumley S., Savić D., Potortě F., Tomažič S., Gaumier C. Practical approaches for software components integration in telecommunications. In: 31st International Convention MIPRO (Opatija, Croatia, 26-30 maggio 2008). Proceedings, pp. 135 - 139. MIPRO Croatian Society, IEEE Croatia Section, University of Zagreb, University of Rijeka, 2008.  

Technical reports

1Barsocchi P., Chessa S., Ferro E., Gotta A., Oligeri G., Potortě F., Pecorella T., Secchi R., Ronga L. S., De Cola T., Sathiaseelan A., Castro V., Peral R., Caini C., Firrincieli R. Distributed measurements and experiments in satellite communications and networking: the satnex experimental platform. Technical report, 2008.  
2Barsocchi P., Chessa S., Lenzi S. Self-Calibrating RSSI-based Indoor Localization with IEEE 802.15.4. Technical report, 2008.  
3Chessa S., Barsocchi P., Lenzi S. INTERMEDIA - Software module for mobile mixed reality content environment. Interactive Media with personal networked devices. Deliverable D13.1, 2008.  
4Chessa S., Furfari F., Girolami M., Lenzi S. SAIL: a Sensor Abstraction and Integration Layer for Context Aware Architectures. Technical report, 2008.  
5Davoli F., Secchi R. Closed-loop control of multiple MAC queues in multiservice wireless access networks. Technical report, 2008.  
6Falconetti L. SATNEX Summer school report. Technical report, 2008.  
7Fragopoulos A. G., Gialelis J., Voyatzis A. G., Serpanos D., Chessa S., Oligeri G. InterMedia - Architecture for secure multimedia with DRM over real-time body and home networks. Interactive Media with Personal Networked Devices. Deliverable D5.1, 2008.  
8Furfari F., Lenzi S. Felix UPnP documentation. Guida all'uso di UPnP su piattaforma OSGi. Technical report, 2008.     
9Furfari F., Potortě F., Savić D. The CostGlue XML Schema. Organizzazione dei metadata (descrizione dei dati) per l'archiviatore CostGlue tramite schema XML. Technical report, 2008.     
10Secchi R., Potortě F., Gotta A., Sathiaseelan A., Fairhurst G. Using quick-start to enhance TCP friendly rate control performance in bi-directional satellite networks. Technical report, 2008.  
11Tazari S., Furfari F., Freddi M., Amoretti M., Zanichelli F. PERSONA - Full version of ambient assisted architecture specification. PERceptive Spaces prOmoting iNdependent Aging. Deliverable D3.1.1, 2008.  


1Furfari F., Lenzi S. Felix UPnP. [Software] Release 0.1 , 01 January 2008.  


1Gotta A. Quality pf service and bandwidth allocation in Geo satellite networks: optimization and cross-layer design. Università degli studi di Genova - Dipartimento di Informatica, Sistemistica e Telematica. Ph.D. Dissertation, 2008.  


1Chessa S., Lenzi S., Furfari F., Bolla R., Rapuzzi R., Repetto M. Enabling social and distributed interaction in the future 3D Internet. In: Workshop on on Hyper-media 3D Internet (Geneva, Switzerland, 13-14 October 2008).   
2Oligeri G. Robust and efficient authentication of satellite broadcasted video streams. In: Workshop di Dottorato 2008 (Pisa Italia, 14/11 2008). Abstract, p. 60. Universita' di Pisa, 2008.  
3Vairo C., Albano M., Chessa S. A secure middleware for wireless sensor networks. In: MIMES - 1st International Workshop on Middleware for Mobile Embedded Peer-to-Peer Systems (accompaining Mobiquitous 2008) (Trinity College Dublin, Ireland, 25 July 2008).   
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