Capture and reproduction of perceptual reality

Day - Time: 20 July 2022, h.10:00
Place: Area della Ricerca CNR di Pisa - Room: Faedo C29
  • Rafal Mantiuk (Cambridge University, UK)

Francesco Banterle

Today's computer graphics techniques make it possible to createimagery that is hardly distinguishable from photographs. However, aphotograph is clearly no match to an actual real-world scene. I arguethat the next big challenge is to achieve perceptual realism bycreating artificial imagery that would be hard to distinguish fromreality. This requires profound changes in the entire imagingpipeline, from acquisition and rendering to display, with a strongfocus on visual perception.In this talk, I will outline the challenges that we need to overcometo reach perceptual realism and will give several examples ofsolutions that bring us close to that goal. This will include the workon the high-dynamic-range multi-focal stereo display, which let usachieve perceptual parity with the real world - a level of fidelity atwhich observers confused a real object with its virtual counterpart. Iwill also talk about visual models and metrics, which let us quantifythe results in graphics and control rendering methods.

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