Integrating ethical, societal, and legal impact assessment in co-design activities for ethical and socially sustainable solutions

Day - Time: 04 October 2022, h.09:30
Place: Area della Ricerca CNR di Pisa - Room: C-40
  • Pinelopi Troullinou (Trilateral Research, UK)

Roberto Trasarti


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Addressing ethical, societal, and legal concerns emerging from AI research, use, and implementation has been an increasing challenge in both academia and industry. EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), as well as the proposed European regulatory framework on artificial intelligence (AIA) indicate the importance of considering and acting upon such risks and potential harms. Yet, researchers, technologists, and professionals involved in AI development are often not trained and/or required to identify, assess, and analyse ethical and societal impact especially considering different stakeholders’ needs, beliefs, and preferences. The seminar will discuss the need for a methodology that enables the collaboration between the involved stakeholders to design, develop, test, and exploit an ethical and socially sustainable project, service, or product. In response, an updated interdisciplinary approach integrating ethical, societal, and legal impact assessment (PIA+) in co-design activities will be presented. This approach emerged from the work in the successfully completed H2020 project EUNOMIA, where a privacy-, and ethics-by-design platform was developed to support social media users assess online information trustworthiness. This methodology ensures that questions, concerns, and suggestions regarding ethical and societal impact emerge and are considered throughout the project's lifecycle in a creative rather than disruptive way.

Short Bio

Dr Pinelopi Troullinou is a Senior Research Analyst at Trilateral Research with over thirteen years of experience on European and national projects and tenders in both research and managerial roles. She works on the intersection of science, technology and society, exploring the potential societal and ethical impact of digital innovation. Her work results in novel methodologies in engaging all involved stakeholders from technologists to policymakers and the public to co-create technologies, systems, and services that benefit and empower society. Pinelopi obtained her PhD in Surveillance Studies from the Business School of The Open University, UK. She has an interdisciplinary academic background, holding a BA in Philosophy and Social Studies, an MA in Bioethics from the University of Crete, and a second MA in Communications Studies from the University of Leeds. Pinelopi has been an invited speaker, visiting, and guest lecturer in universities in the UK, Netherlands, and China. She serves as a member representative for the Surveillance Studies Network and programme committee for The ACM Web Conference for the last years. Her research outputs have been disseminated in webinars and workshops, leading conferences, peer-reviewed journal articles and book chapters, deliverables, and reports. Actively striving for women's empowerment, Pinelopi serves as a mentor for Women on Top, an organisation for equality in the workplace.

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