The 4SECURail proposal addresses the Open Call S2R-OC-IP2-2019 "Demonstrator development for the use of Formal Methods in railway environment-Support to implementation of CSIRT to the railway sector." The Open Call takes a two-fold perspective by working, on the one hand, on the Demonstrator for the use of Formal Methods (FM), and on the other hand, on the implementation of Computer Security Incident Response Team (CSIRT) for Railways. Work stream 1 "Demonstrator development for the use of FormalMethods in Railway Environment" will provide a demonstrator of state-of-the-art Formal Methods and tools to evaluate the learning curve and to perform a cost/benefit analysis of the adoption of formal methods in railway industry. The following overall objectives will be targeted: 1) The development of the demonstrator; 2) The identification of a railway signalling subsystem, described by means of standard interfaces and 3) The specification and evaluation of the cost/benefit ratio and learning curves for adopting the demonstrator in the railway environment.

Work stream 2 "Support to implementation of CSIRT to the railway sector" will address TD2.11, establishing a CSIRT collaborative environment.The work stream 2 specific objectives are: 1) To define stakeholder requirements for a European Rail CSIRT collaborative activity, a 2) To test and validate the draft CSIRT model; 3) To identify relevant platforms to support CSIRT collaboration and, based on requirements and CSIRT model, specify and adapt to meet CSIRT needs and 4) To test and updated the CSIRT collaborative environment so as to ensure meeting user needs.

The 4SECURail proposal answers to both technical topics, adopting common Management and Dissemination with a well-balanced effort.


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