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ISTI News is a new initiative of CNR-ISTI: an electronic newsletter which should enable us to communicate easily with the national and international scientific communities. Our intention is to provide information on our activities and to disseminate our most important results and achievements.

Issue 4 - November 2018

Issue 3 - February 2018

Issue 2 - June 2017

Issue 1 - September 2016


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Franco Mazzanti and Frédéric Lang have won gold medals at the RERS 2019 Parallel Challenges  (19 April 2019)

Isti ottiene il finanziamento da ERC per una ricerca che punta a rendere i metodi di intelligenza artificiale comprensibili alle persone  (05 April 2019)

Davide Moroni has been appointed as chair of the Technical Committee on "Algebraic and Discrete Mathematical Techniques in Pattern Recognition & Image Analysis" of the International Association for Pattern Recognition (IAPR)  (27 March 2019)

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