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Eleven innovations developed in European Projects with ISTI Partner or Coordinator among the List of the EC Innovation Radar  (19 Apr 2018)

ELETTRONICA ALLA SPINA 06 - The future begins with a break from the past  (14 Dec 2017, 21:00:00)

Pisa, Cinema Lumière, Vicolo del Tidi 6 / Lungarno Pacinotti 29, Pisa Giovedì 14 dicembre 2017 :

Final Conference of the e-Rés@mont project  (07 Dec 2017, 09:30:00)

Ercan E. Kuruoglu has been invited to Entropy 2018: From Physics to Information Sciences and Geometry (14–16 May 2018, Barcelona)  (16 Oct 2017)

The experience on computer music of Pietro Grossi in Pisa, Italy, in the centenary of his birth  (18 May 2017)

What does Information Theory have to say about Evolution?  (15 May 2017)


Davide Moroni has been appointed as chair of the Technical Committee on "Algebraic and Discrete Mathematical Techniques in Pattern Recognition & Image Analysis" of the International Association for Pattern Recognition (IAPR)  (27 Mar 2019)

Ercan E. Kuruoglu (Isti-Cnr Senior Researcher) has been reelected to EURASIP (European Association for Signal Processing) Special Area Team for Biomedical Image and Signal Analytics  (28 Nov 2018)

BeWize initiative ranked 2nd at Start Cup Toscana 2018   (05 Nov 2018)

E. Salerno Associate Editor of IEEE Transactions on Image Processing  (31 May 2018)

Best Paper Award - SIGNAL 2017  (22 Jun 2017)

Top 40 Healthcare Transformers 2016  (19 Apr 2016)

Un robot a caccia di relitti   (27 Jan 2015)

Paolo Paradisi is now an Associate Editor of "Chaos, Solitons & Fractals" Journal  (26 Jun 2013)

M. Chimenti, E. Fantini and M. Tampucci are the recipients of the best paper award of Mass Data Analysis conference.   (19 Sep 2011)

Ercan Engin Kuruoglu has been named Editor-in-Chief for "Digital Signal Processing: a Review Journal"  (11 Jul 2011)

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