ISTI Organization

Dr. Roberto Scopigno is the Director of the Institute by decree of the General Manager Cnr dated April, 1 2019. He was formerly the head of the Visual Computing Laboratory of ISTI.

The Director of the Institute is assisted by the Advisory Committee. The committee is composed of 6 members elected by research and technology staff and 1 member elected by technical and administrative staff.

Research and development activities of the Institute are organized into five thematic areas. The Institute also provides external services on fields related to its R&D activity.

The Institute is involved in several International and National Projects (2018):

37European Commission
12Italian Government, Universities and research institutions
12Public and regional authorities
3Private organizations and institutions

The activities are currently carried out by:

121Research staff (Researchers, Technologists)
53Technical and Administrative staff
45Research Associates
75Graduate Fellows, PhD Students, Post-doctoral Fellows, Theses, Stages

Statistics on the scientific production are available via the ISTI Open Access portal

Other relevant aspects are (i) the design and implementation of software packages and tools; (ii) the activities of training (university courses, other courses) and dissemination (journal editors, program committee members); (iii) the activities of addressing (panels, international committees) and evaluation (international or national projects).

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