ISTI Day 2023-2024
June, 14th


Head: Silvia Giannini

The Library of the Institute of Information Science and Technologies "A. Faedo" (ISTI) was founded in 1954 as part of the "Centro Studi sull' Informatica Elettronica (CSCE)" of the University of Pisa (later IEI-CNR). It is one of the oldest ICT libraries in Europe.

The Library is responsible for managing ISTI research products and supporting the authors in the research assessment procedures (VQR). 

The Library is office of the National Civil Service project [UNSC - Servizio Civile Nazionale] - Una Biblioteca Digitale CNR per la Scienza e la Tecnica: dal Prototipo al Servizio.

The ISTI Library staff is responsible for the Library Service and the Center for Scientific Documentation of the CNR Area of Pisa and manages the bibliographic and documentary collections of either ISTI or the institutes located in the CNR Area.

The Library provides services to support the informational needs of the scientific community. It allows access to a significant number of traditional and electronic resources:

  • reference and support in the bibliographic search
  • use of the resources
  • acquisition of the resources
  • cataloging and preservation of the resources
  • loan and interlibrary loan (ILL)
  • document delivery

The Library is a member of associations as well as national and international committees. It cooperates with various partners in the fields of grey literature, digital libraries, institutional archives, Open Science and Open Access, and the promotion of bibliographic and documentary resources.

Access to the Library is free for all users.

More information about the Library and its activities are available on the Library's website