Head: Silvia Giannini

Welcome to the ISTI Library, the oldest of the ICT libraries in Europe.
It contains more than 13,000 books and 975 serials and gives access to thousands of electronic journals, institutional and thematic repositories, bibliographic databases etc. It also preserves the ISTI historical and current Institutional Archives as well as historical archives of ISTI predecessors, i.e. CSCE (Center for Studies on Electronic Computer, born in 1954), IEI-CNR and CNUCE.

ISTI Library is now in the CNR Research Area Library, as the libraries of all the Area Institutes. Access to this library is free to all visitors, which mainly include Scientists and Students of CNR Research Area and Pisa University.

Most of the Library main services are delivered via Web. The most significant ones are as follow:

  1. Reference and Document Delivery
  2. Web access to information resources: On-line catalogs, electronic journals, and thematic databases, special contents managed by ISTI digital libraries
  3. Request for new acquisition
  4. Internet access to external resources

Access to On-line Resources is given through the Library web site.

Traditional services such as reference, loan are also delivered during the opening hours.

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