Units: SI
Day: 2018-11-28

EURASIP is the biggest Signal Processing/Data Analysis professional organisation in Europe. It has eight Special Area Teams on critical areas of Signal Processing. BISA SAT covers a broad area of image & signal processing dedicated to biomedical applications in medicine, biology, physiology, neurosciences and genetics. The BISA SAT aims to actively promote synergies at the interdisciplinary interface where advanced imaging and data processing meet with biomedical sciences. In addition to image & signal processing tailored to biomedical applications, it also covers the emerging field of analytics, where learning from this type of data is pursued. The BISA SAT actively fosters the emergence of a biomedical community within EUSIPCO and reach out to other scientific communities.
SAT members are elected by the current SAT members upon nomination by a current SAT member. The term of the SAT members is 3 years and can only be renewed once. Ercan Kuruoglu was nominated for the second term by the Chair of BISA SAT and for the first term by the President of EURASIP.