Franco Mazzanti (FMT lab), Frédéric Lang and Wendelin Serwe (CONVECS, Grenoble, France), after their successful participation in last year’s RERS 2019 Challenge, again won three gold medals at the “Parallel CTL” track of RERS 2020. The RERS (Rigorous Examination of Reactive Systems) challenge is an international software verification competition held every year since 2011. RERS 2020 is the 10th edition of the challenge. Gold medals are awarded based on the number of problems solved, and the joint CNR-INRIA team solved 79 of the proposed 90 problems which were structured in three groups of increasing difficulty. Also this year, the result was obtained by the exploitation of advanced compositional verification techniques, some of which have been presented at the 3rd World Congress on Formal Methods (FM 2019) and implemented in the CADP toolbox developed at CONVECS.