Annex: annex_eventi_2016-10-25.pdf
Day - Time: 2016-10-25 00:00
Place: Tuscany Regione – EU Office, Rond-Point Schuman 14, Brussels
Isti role: Co-organizer
Units: WN

After 3 years of activities, DOREMI products have started to orchestrate active ageing and two trials have been completed. It is now time to share with stakeholders and the general audience what the project has achieved and what its legacy will be.

The DOREMI Final Conference will highlight the approach implemented to support older people's independent living in the field of nutrition, physical and cognitive activity: it will provide an overview of the DOREMI environment and its tools, the feedback of a 85-year old tester from the UK pilot site, health professionals and private companies on the exploitation and commercialization of the DOREMI solutions.

The participants played cognitive games, exercising, monitoring their diet and forming great social circles. The DOREMI solutions have been excellent for the residents in UK as it formed friendships in a group of residents who otherwise might not have got the chance, while encouraging a healthy lifestyle and active mind. The cognitive games have been very well received by the participants, with many of them playing as often as they can and growing attached the dog avatar! While some of the residents were quite skeptical of the tablet and the apps at first, with some training, they soon became proficient and were using it not just for the project, but also for their own enjoyment. The system, however, needs to face the reduced ICT alphabetization of older people, which is rather prevalent among Mediterranean countries.

It is important to point out that in the B2B market clients are mostly regional healthcare services and hospitals or private hospitals, who rely on cost-effectiveness paradigms and are often reluctant and slow in introducing changes. On the other hand, in a B2C model where the final clients are end-users (older people or caregivers), it might be possible to find early adopters but the margins are lower there.

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Project Coordinator: Oberdan Parodi, CNR-IFC, Pisa, Italy