Grade, a sustainable repository of Linked Data

Day - Time: 25 February 2015, h.11:00
Place: Area della Ricerca CNR di Pisa - Room: A-32
  • Fabio Simeoni (FAO)

Pasquale Pagano


Come and meet Grade, our latest and coolest tool in FAO to integrate data from local and remote sources into a sustainable repository of Linked Data. Why sustainable? Grade puts data management back into the hands of Data Managers:

  • Linked Data Managers can throw away their Java books and Linux how-tos; with Grade, management tasks and dissemination services can be defined and tested interactively;
  • General Data Managers need no longer depend on the experts; with Grade, they can navigate the data, monitor its usage, and even run maintenance tasks with little or no knowledge of Semantic Technologies:

We show how we use Grade to turn the Fishery Linked Open Data (FLOD) into a production-class repository, where generating, updating, and disseminating reference data alignments and mappings is just a few clicks away. Joins us to hear the full story behind Grade, to see it in action, to learn about its short-term applications, and to discuss our vision for its longer-term future(or just come along if you're a Tech Head and have heard about Dart and Polymer and want to see a full-fledged application built on HTML5 and Web Components).