Ciclo di Seminari A+ - Primo incontro

Day - Time: 04 March 2020, h.10:00
Place: Area della Ricerca CNR di Pisa - Room: C-29

Maurice Henri ter Beek


Marco Callieri & Paolo Cignoni - "Matteo Dellepiane eulogy"

Abstract: We provide a brief summary of two significant recent projects in which Matteo played an important role.

Claudia Caudai - "Estimation of the spatial chromatin structure based on a multiresolution bead-chain model"

Abstract: We present a method to infer 3D chromatin configurations from Chromosome Conformation Capture data. Quite a few methods have been proposed to estimate the structure of the nuclear dna in homogeneous populations of cells from this kind of data. Many of them transform contact frequencies into euclidean distances between pairs of chromatin fragments, and then reconstruct the structure by solving a distance-to-geometry problem. To avoid inconsistencies, our method is based on a score function that does not require any frequency-to-distance translation. We propose a multiscale chromatin model where the chromatin fiber is suitably partitioned at each scale. The partial structures are estimated independently, and connected to rebuild the whole fiber. Our score function consists of a data-fit part and a penalty part, balanced automatically at each scale and each subchain. The penalty part enforces soft geometric constraints. As many different structures can fit the data, our sampling strategy produces a set of solutions with similar scores. The procedure contains a few parameters, independent of both the scale and the genomic segment treated. The partition of the fiber, along with intrinsically parallel parts, make this method computationally efficient. Results from human genome data support the biological plausibility of our solutions.