Modeling for Entertainment industry: semi-automatic, patch-based quadrangulation

Day - Time: 17 March 2014, h.15:00
Place: Area della Ricerca CNR di Pisa - Room: I-53

Roberto Scopigno


We give an overview of an ongoing research, aimed at the design of a semi-automatic method for quad mesh generation. Quad meshes are mandatory in many applications in computer graphics: animation, Fem analysis, Cad modeling. In particular, entertainment industry requires the geometry to undergo to specific constraints. The needs of semiautomatic instruments to convert triangle meshes (typically acquired from real world) to quad-dominant meshes has been shown by recent works. The approach we propose is based on a two-phases process: 1) acquisition and classification of synthesized patches from a set of manually, well-designed, artist-made quad meshes; 2) selection and stitching of the more proper patches, based on some boundary constraints defined by the user.

Short Bio: Giorgio Marcias è un dottorando del Laboratorio Visual Computing, attualmente al secondo anno di dottorato.