High Performance Computing Laboratory (HPC)

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Web: http://hpc.isti.cnr.it

Head: Raffaele Perego

HPC Lab carries out research on algorithms and systems addressing computational and data-intensive problems arising in scientific, social, and knowledge-based applications. Our advanced solutions exploit high-performance techniques and tools to deal with the exponential growth of users, data, knowledge, and services that need to be efficiently stored, managed, analyzed and retrieved. The main research topics are: Web Search, Information Systems for Big Data, Scalable Data Analysis and Machine Learning, Cloud Computing, Cloud Federations, Entity Linking, Social Media Analysis.

The group is composed of about 20 people and has very close collaborations and exchanges with outstanding international partners from both industry and academia. Past Ph.D. students of HPC Lab work now for highly-reputed companies such as Yahoo (labs of Barcelona and London), Tiscali istella, Facebook, Twitter.

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