System and Software Evaluation (SSE)

Head: Giuseppe Lami


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Information Technology has pervaded every aspect of human life, continuously prospecting new solutions and increasing expectations. The transversal impact of Information Technology on the other technologies and on services, because of the intrinsic criticality of the software component, results in a quality of life strictly dependent on the quality of the IT component.

Validation and certification of IT products according to given requirements and standards are necessary to meet the needs, both implicit and expressed, from different stakeholders:

  1. End-users: the need to satisfy their expectations;
  2. Suppliers: the need to assure the quality of their products and services in a context of global competition;
  3. Public Administration: the need to improve the quality of the services provided to citizens;

The Center provides "third-party" evaluation and certification services in the area of Information Technology, both for industrial and PA customers, aimed at promoting the improvement of system and software processes as well as of the resulting products, taking into account hardware/software issues, with special care to their integration.

The activity concerning hardware is focussed on:

  1. Reliability prediction
  2. Safety
  3. MTBF of context-dependent systems
  4. Quality control
  5. Compliance with standards

The software activity is mainly concentrated on model set up and evaluation services:

  1. Study of reliability evaluation criteria
  2. Criteria for methodological analysis of projects>
  3. Models for quality control
  4. Software process modeling