ISTI Day 2023-2024
June, 14th
  • Units: VC

Daniela Giorgi will lead the Italian Chapter of the European professional association for Computer Graphics.

Daniela Giorgi, Senior Researcher at the Visual Computing Lab, has been elected President of the Italian Chapter of Eurographics, the main European professional association for Computer Graphics, from March 30th. The Chapter was established in 2001 to raise interest towards Computer Graphics in Italy, and to facilitate communication among research groups inside and outside Italy. The Chapter also runs the annual international conference STAG (Smart Tools and Applications in Graphics): since 2014, STAG has brought together researchers from both the national and the international scientific community to share their latest developments in Visual Computing; the best papers are published on Computers & Graphics (Elsevier). The conference also grants awards for the best PhD and Master theses in Computer Graphics from Italian students. Daniela will serve as a President of the Eurographics Italian Chapter for a three-year term, ending in 2025.