ISTI Day 2023-2024
June, 14th
  • Link: Visit Website
  • Day - Time: 2018-10-13 14:15
  • Place: Room 21 Sala Minerva pav. 10 - Maker Faire Rome

The advent of the Internet of Things has made the use contexts in which we access our computer applications extremely variable and dynamic. In our daily lives we are increasingly surrounded by sensors that can detect a variety of dynamic information. The personalization of how devices and applications must behave in a context-dependent way can be indicated by intuitive rules that indicate the relevant events and the consequent desired actions. Events can refer to various types of people-related aspects, their social relationships, available technologies, and the surrounding environment. The seminar will discuss how such rules can be specified even by people without programming experience in order to obtain customized applications for specific uses. In this context, an environment developed at the HIIS Laboratory of CNR-ISTI will be illustrated, and examples of applications in real contexts such as housing, assistance for the elderly, and interaction with robots will be reported.