ISTI Day 2023-2024
June, 14th


ISTI-CNR co-organizes the 15th International Workshop on Advanced Infrared Technology and Applications that will take place in Florence, from 16 to 19 September 2019.

he main aim of the workshop is to assess the state of the art of the technology in the infrared bands and to present its most exciting applications, ranging from cultural heritage to biomedical applications, from environment protection to remote sensing.

In the 15th AITA edition, particular emphasis will be given to the following topics:

    Advanced technology and materials
    Smart and fiber-optic sensors
    Thermo-fluid dynamics
    Biomedical applications
    Environmental monitoring
    Aerospace and industrial applications
    Nanophotonics and Nanotechnologies
    Astronomy and Earth observation
    Non-destructive tests and evaluation
    Systems and applications for the cultural heritage
    Image processing and data analysis
    Near-, mid-, and far-infrared systems
    Vibrational spectroscopies and biomedical applications