ISTI Day 2023-2024
June, 14th
  • Link: Visit Website
  • Place: Officine Garibaldi, Pisa
  • Isti role: Co-organizer

The purpose of the Italian Information Retrieval Workshop (IIR) is to provide a meeting forum for stimulating and disseminating research in Information Retrieval, where Italian researchers (especially young ones) and researchers affiliated with Italian institutions can network and discuss their research results in an informal way. The Italian Information Retrieval (IIR) Workshop was created in 2009 at the European Summer School in Information Retrieval.

IIR 2023 is the 13th edition of the Italian Information Retrieval Workshop. It will take place on June 8th – 9th, 2023, and is organized by the National Research Council of Italy and the University of Pisa.

IIR 2023 offers the opportunity to present and discuss theoretical and empirical research. Relevant topics include but are not restricted to Search and Ranking, Recommendation, Content Analysis and Classification, Artificial Intelligence, NLP, Semantics, and Dialog, Domain-Specific Applications, Human Factors and Interfaces, Evaluation, and Future Directions in Information Retrieval and Recommender Systems.