Spatial, statistical and morphological 3D shape analysis for automatic and interactive computer graphics applications

Day - Time: 24 February 2016, h.14:30
Place: Area della Ricerca CNR di Pisa - Room: C-29
  • Tamy Boubekeur (LTCI, CNRS, Telecom ParisTech, Paris-Saclay University)

Paolo Cignoni


Shape analysis takes many forms in computer graphics, and one can easily think there are as many analysis primitives as applications needing them. However, for certain classes of shape analysis methods, a single analysis primitive may be used for a large number of different application scenarios. During this presentation, I will summarize our recent work on shape analysis for both automatic processing and interactive editing of 3D shapes in computer graphics. In particular, I will focus on three classes of analysis methods and present the Sphere-Mesh approximation model with its application the freeform deformation, the SimSelect system which exploits self-similarity in shapes to reduce repetitive editing tasks such as selection and the Point Morphology framework for automatic shape and topology filtering of point clouds.