Sound and Music Computing for Cultural Heritage

Day - Time: 26 May 2016, h.14:30
Place: Area della Ricerca CNR di Pisa - Room: A-32
  • Federico Avanzini (Sound and Music Computing Group - Università di Padova)
  • Giovanni De Poli (Sound and Music Computing Group - Università di Padova)

Matteo Dellepiane


Il 26 Maggio vi sarà la visita del Sound and Music Computing Group, Università di Padova. Nell’ambito della visita (dove saranno presentate agli studenti visitatori le attività di ricerca del Visual Computing Lab) vi sarà un breve seminario relativo alle applicazioni di sound and music all’ambito del Cultural Heritage.

Il tema del seminario sarà il seguente: Sound and Music Computing (SMC) is a research field with an intrinsic vocation to multidisciplinarity and applications to cultural heritage. In this talk we present related research directions currently pursued by the CSC-SMC group at the University of Padova. We first discuss the problem of digital philology applied to the field of preservation of audio archives, focusing on automatic metadata extraction (e.g., video information of audio tape) and on re-creation of interactive multimedia installations. Secondly, we discuss new means of interaction with cultural heritage, specifically through interactive museum installations aimed at increasing engagement of visitors, as well as enforcing new forms of multimodal interactive learning. Ultimately, applying new technologies to interactive museum installations can create stronger consensus and interest for the preservation of cultural heritage.