An Application of Contextualized Software Testing (ISTI Grants for Young Mobility seminar series)

Day - Time: 26 October 2016, h.10:30
Place: Area della Ricerca CNR di Pisa - Room: C-29

Andrea Esuli


Test coverage information can help testers in deciding when to stop testing and in augmenting their test suites when the measured coverage is not deemed sufficient. Since the 70’s, research on coverage testing has been very active with much effort dedicated to the definition of new, more cost-effective, coverage criteria or to the adaptation of existing ones to a different domain. All these studies share the premise that after defining the entity to be covered (e.g., branches), one cannot consider a program to be adequately tested if some of its entities have never been exercised by any input data. However, it is not the case that all entities are of interest in every context. This presentation will provide some intuition on how we can redefine coverage criteria so to focus on the program parts that are relevant to the testing scope. In particular, I will discuss how our notion of contextualized coverage could be applied to the context of small Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs).