Turning emerging AI sustainability challenges into opportunities for the green transition

Day - Time: 31 March 2023, h.16:00
Place: Area della Ricerca CNR di Pisa - Room: Faedo
  • Daniela Tulone (ecoSurge)

Massimo Coppola


AI has the potential to drive the green transition, but it also poses significant sustainability risks in the short-and long-term including increasing CO2 emissions, resource consumption, social biases, and potential violationof human rights. To address these risks, both technical and sustainability criteria should guide the design of AI-based solutions.

In the first part of the talk Daniela will discuss the need for a comprehensive design approach thatintegrates and harmonizes different requirements from the environmental, social, and economicdimensions of sustainability. She will provide examples of environmental and social risks drawn frompersonalized advertisement and generative AI, and long-term risks such as rebound effects.

Moving on to practical implications, she will discuss common design pitfalls that can undermine AI benefitsand even deepen existing issues and will present ways for integrating at design environmental and socialaspects. Daniela will conclude the talk discussing ongoing work and research opportunities for the greentransition with high social and business impact.