Interactive Visualization of Large Terrains on Mobile Devices, with applications

Day - Time: 14 October 2011, h.09:15
Place: Area della Ricerca CNR di Pisa - Room: I-53
  • José María Noguera (University of Jaén (Spain), Department of Computer Sciences, Graphics and Geomatics Research Group.)

Roberto Scopigno


The recent advent of low energy GPUs has boosted the graphics capabilities of mobile devices, such as smartphones, tablets or PDAs. However, this kind of devices still has several restrictions and limitations both in performance and in the storage of 3D data. In this talk, I will describe a client-server technique for remote adaptive streaming and rendering of huge 3D terrains on mobile devices. The technique has been designed to achieve an interactive rendering performance on resource-limited mobile devices connected to a low-bandwidth wireless network such as GPRS or UMTS. This technology opens new promising research lines in e-tourism. The ubiquitous nature of mobile devices turns them into an attractive platform for assisting on-the-move tourists to obtain 3D information according to their physical location. I will end this talk describing some applications to mobile e-tourism that we are currently working on.