A temporal logic approach to modular design of synthetic biological circuits

Day - Time: 28 May 2013, h.11:30
Place: Area della Ricerca CNR di Pisa - Room: C-40
  • Laura Nenzi (IMT Lucca)

Mieke Massink


We present a new approach for the design of a synthetic biological circuit whose behavior is specified in terms of signal temporal logic (STL) formulae. We first show how to characterize with STL formulae the input/output behavior of biological modules miming the classical logical gates (AND, NOT, OR). Hence, we provide the regions of the parameter space for which these specifications are satisfied. Given a STL specification of the target circuit to be designed and the networks of its constituent components, we propose a methodology to constrain the behavior of each module, then identifying the subset of the parameter space in which those constraints are satisfied, providing also a measure of the robustness for the target circuit design. This approach, which leverages recent results on the quantitative semantics of Signal Temporal Logic, is illustrated by synthesizing a biological implementation of an half-adder.