ISTI Day 2023-2024
June, 14th


A computing toolkit for building efficient autonomousapplications leveraging humanistic intelligence

Industry and society are experiencing the transformational impact of the autonomous systems revolution, empoweredby automation capabilities offered by Artificial Intelligence (AI). Cyber-physical Systems of Systems (CPSoS) definea multi-faceted and dynamic environment where autonomy is fundamental to govern the complexity of interactionsbetween the virtual and physical worlds with minimal human intervention. However, even when the most advanceddegree of autonomy is exercised, the human is a variable which cannot be left out of the CPSoS equation, particularlyin safety critical scenarios like autonomous transportation. TEACHING puts forward a vision of humans at the centreof autonomous CPSoS, by embracing the concept of Humanistic Intelligence, where the cybernetic and biologicalentities cooperate in a mutual empowerment towards a shared goal and where human feedback becomes a crucialdriver for CPSoS adaptivity. TEACHING addresses the challenge by integrating AI with fundamental concepts ofsecurity and dependability stemming from the AI-human-CPSoS interactions, and by considering their impact onthe underlying computing system. TEACHING develops a human-aware CPSoS for autonomous safety-criticalapplications, based on a distributed, energy-efficient and dependable AI, leveraging edge computing platformsintegrating specialized computing fabric for AI and in-silico support for intelligent cybersecurity. The goal is to designa computing software and system supporting the development and deployment of adaptive and dependable CPSoSapplications, allowing to exploit a sustainable human feedback to drive, optimize and personalize the provisioningof the offered services. TEACHING outcomes will fundamentally impact the development of autonomous safety-critical systems, providing means to improve their safety, dependability and overall acceptability. This impact will bedemonstrated by TEACHING in two pilots concerning autonomous driving and aviation.


42 Months

Financial Institution

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