PE11 MICS Spoke1 - B53C22004100001

PE11 - MICS (3A-ITALY) - Circular and sustainable Made in Italy Spoke1


The proposed EP will carry out the foundational research that lies at the basis for realizing this vision. It therefore proposes eight thematic areas that need to be focused on to address the challenges that currently confront our models of design, production, consumption, as well as the End-of-Life of materials, products, production technologies and processes that are necessary for moving towards greener and circular pathways and patterns. The scope is initially the three main industries (A1, A2, and A3), but there is a possibility for extending the model to other industries. Our ambitious vision is to enable a fully closed- loop, self-sufficient, self-regenerative, reliable, safe, and energy-aware design and manufacturing of Made in Italy products and services.


36 Months

Financial Institution