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PE05 - Cultural Heritage Active Innovation for Next-Gen Sustainable Society Spoke 5

WP5–Digital technologies, AI/ML solutions, chemometric methods supporting data-driven Hritage Science–Leader CNR; Participants: GSSI; UniCT; UniBo, UniRM1
Data from all these different analyses can be managed on several levels, ranging from a broad perspective of preservation (for instance, considering landscape and historical centers) to a more detailed level of individual architecture or archaeological excavation. Documentation of data uses many kinds of database, GIS and BIM systems for data storage, visualization, and reasoning. Recent research has been focused on improving the interoperability of digital platforms by using specific ontologies and defining shared vocabularies. This type of study integrates expertise in the fields of humanities and science and contributes to the efficiency of diagnostic analysis and conservation for inferring and preserving the Past. Heterogeneous data encoding, integration, processing, visualization, annotation, chemometric and pattern recognition-based approaches and tools, steered towards the needs of stakeholders, with effective GUI and visualization, focusing on cooperative diagnostics interpretation and conservation and interpretation  of archaeological, architectural, and artistic heritage; data stored on common digital platforms, enabling the documentation and reproducibility of the reasoning process also through big data and knowledge discovery techniques. Synergies will be explored with the PNRR Infrastructure project H2IOSC.


36 Months

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