Extreme Food Risk Analytics


EFRA will explore how extreme data mining, aggregation and analytics may address major scientific, economic and societal challenges associated with the safety and quality of the food that European consumers eat. EFRA’s goals are: i) develop and test solutions to discover and distil food risk data from heterogeneous and dispersed/scarce data sources with minimal delay and appropriate format; ii) design relevant human aspects & interactions with users to measure usefulness for human risk prevention actions in real-world use-cases iii) demonstrate how solutions enable the development of trustworthy, accurate, green and fair AI systems for food risk prevention iv) achieve groundbreaking advances in performance and effectiveness of food risk data discovery, collection, mining, filtering, and processing; v) integrate relevant technologies (big data, IoT, AI) to foster links to food data innovator communities vi) position its contributions into the overall ecosystem of public & private stakeholders that share data, technology and infrastructure to ensure the safety and quality of food in Europe. To achieve these goals, EFRA will design, test, and deploy tools and undertake appropriate initiatives to facilitate their uptake, elicit feedback, and engage stakeholders. The EFRA tools are: (i) EFRA Data Hub, offering intelligent crawlers and data annotation & linking modules to search, mine, process, annotate, and link dispersed, multilingual, heterogeneous, and deep/hidden food safety data sources (ii) EFRA Analytics Powerhouse: offering modules running over a green cloud HPC that distil useful insights & signals from the EFRA Data Hub to train privacy-preserving, explainable, green food risk prediction AI models (iii) EFRA Data & Analytics Marketplace: A front-facing user-friendly web app that allows interested users to discover, purchase/use, and contribute data, AI models, and analytics modules, creating an economy where data holders and data consumers engage and trade.



36 Months

Financial Institution

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