AI-SAFETY: AI-Based Smart System for Operator Safety in Manufacturing Processes

In the industrial realm, it’s well known that many accidents involving machine operators in production processes are somehow linked to the operator's behavior and various types of errors. No matter how sophisticated, traditional control and supervision systems have been unable to entirely eliminate or satisfactorily manage these risks. This issue becomes particularly acute when machines malfunction, such as product jams that need to be cleared or other breakdowns, requiring operators to access dangerous areas of the machine and actively intervene.Predicting these operational conditions linked to faults, malfunctions, and operator errors is challenging during the design phase. The required activities may not be easily definable and hence can lead to accidents or near-miss incidents. In this context, equipping machines with networks of sensors and Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems capable of interpreting even new operational situations, recognizing potential risk conditions for operators, and generating appropriate commands for the machines is seen as an effective path towards enhancing user safety.AISAFETY steps into this challenging scenario with a groundbreaking approach. By integrating AI, RFID technology, and a network of intelligent cameras, it offers a proactive solution to enhance workplace safety. The system's AI brain analyzes data from the cameras and RFID tags worn by operators, understanding the workspace dynamics in real-time. If it detects any danger, it can instantly instruct the machines to stop or adjust their operation, often before any human can react.Moreover, AISAFETY respects the indispensable role of human judgment. Supervisors monitor the system, ensuring that the balance between automated safety measures and human oversight is maintained. Compliant with strict safety and data protection regulations, AISAFETY is not just about employing advanced technology; it's about responsibly creating a safer industrial environment where technology and human expertise collaborate to prevent accidents.


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