• Ruolo ISTI: Co-organizer
  • Laboratori: VC
  • Giorno: 07-10-2015

The IEEE/EG Digital Heritage 2015 Conf. (Granada, Spain, Sept. 28 - Oct. 2) was an extremely successful event.
The Visual Computing Lab (ISTI-CNR) has contributed substantially to this event (R. Scopigno co-chaired the IPC, VC Lab presented three papers) and we are proud of the results: more than 300 submissions, around 500 participants and a very rich scientific program.

We have also be presented one of the Best papers Award, for the work:
"Alchemy in 3D – A Digitization for a Journey Through Matter" by Marco Callieri, Paolo Pingi, Marco Potenziani, Matteo Dellepiane, Gaia Pavoni, Aurelia Lureau, Roberto Scopigno.