• Ruolo ISTI: Organizer
  • Giorno: 14-09-2016

In September 2016 the final selection stage of ProgettISTI has been concluded. The ProgettISTI initiative called for the presentation of short project proposals by young researchers of ISTI coming from different laboratories. The aim was to improve the mutual knowledge of the research activities in the Institute, to give the possibility to young researchers to experiment the creation and writing of a project proposal, and possibly to help in starting new collaborations.

Ten proposals have been received; they underwent a two-stage selection. After the first stage, five proposals were presented to the Advisory Committee, which selected three winners. The proponents of each selected proposal will receive a sum of 5000 Euros that could be used to support their research activities.

The selected proposals for 2016 were:
- Machine-Training, a data driven personal trainer for cyclists (Proponents: Paolo Cintia-KDDLab and Michele Girolami-WNLab)
- EMPATHY: A sensorized doll for improving the assessment and validation of non-pharmacological dementia care (Proponents: Danila Germanese-SILab and Filippo Palumbo-WNLab)
- Learning from Sequential Visual Data, a Deep Learning Hybrid Approach (Proponents: Francesco Banterle-VCLab and Alejandro Moreo Fernandez-NeMis)