ISTI Day 2023-2024
14 Giugno

CN_CNMS_Spoke3_KDD - CUP B43C22000440001

CN - Sustainable Mobility Center (Centro Nazionale per la Mobilità Sostenibile – CNMS) - Spoke 3

The project is aimed at developing technological solutions for the sustainable growth of maritime transport, and, primarily, for a significant reduction of the emission of GHG and of other climate-affecting pollutants through improved efficiency, smarter energy management, the introduction of new, low carbon, fuels, and augmented electrification. Such a transformation requires: i) increased efficiency of the initial design thanks to the increased digitalization; ii) better management of the ship and of its subsystems during open and closed water operations, thanks to improved situational awareness and ports logistics; iii) cutting edge solutions and materials, such as innovative coatings which improve the efficiency preserving the marine environment; iv) integrated use of sensors and digital technologies to support the ship automation; v) decision support system in for the operation management. Owing to the peculiarities of the sea environment, data from external sources, such as weather observations and forecasts as well as sea-state conditions or traffic information, local and at the arrival port, have to be accounted for in the decision process.


36 Months

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