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CN - Sustainable Mobility Center (Centro Nazionale per la Mobilità Sostenibile – CNMS) Spoke 6

Digital technologies and devices are among the most important parts of current and future Connected and Autonomous Vehicles (CAVs). Today single vehicles are already able to drive autonomously in specific contexts, but the challenge addressed by this project is to contribute to the technologies enabling a system where all, or almost all vehicles drive autonomously in no predefined environment and in a safe manner. A multitude of Problem Drivers (PDs) need to be addressed and solved to achieve this vision. In line with the Strategic Research and Innovation Actions developed by the CCAM Partnership, Spoke 6 addresses the following 3 PDs.
• PD1: CAV solutions are not yet sufficiently mature for market take-up, and current investment levels in CAV R&I are inadequate to maintain and extend EU industrial leadership.
• PD2: Current R&I efforts are fragmented and lack a coherent, longer-term vision and strategy for targeting systemic solutions.
• PD3: Demonstration and scale-up is limited, since a well organised, extensive and complex cross- sectorial value chain is still required to build complete CAV solutions.  


36 Months

Istituto finanziario