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ECS - Tuscany Health Ecosystem Spoke 3


The main goal of AA@THE project is to establish a protocol that promotes and preserves a high quality of life for healthy older adults for an active and healthy aging. By adopting healthy behaviors, such as maintaining a balanced diet, engaging in regular physical and social activities, and preserving physical and cognitive capabilities, the risk of non-communicable diseases can be reduced, and the need for care can be delayed. To achieve this, it is crucial to define an e-health ecosystem that enhances the effectiveness and sustainability of existing healthcare services. This ecosystem will provide remote support, personalized coaching, assistance, and monitoring specifically designed for healthy and pre-frail elderly individuals, with a focus on a person-centered approach, to prevent possible decline and improve their general health conditions.

In summary, the AA@THE project has two primary objectives. Firstly, it aims at providing a context-aware personalized coaching support to older individuals based on predictive analytics. Secondly, it aims at demonstrating the efficacy of the proposed system to analyse single health and behavioural domains to prevent risky conditions, to integrate them towards a comprehensive person-centered care approach, and to encourage healthy life styles.


36 Months

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