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Benefits of Open Access

ISTI supports and promotes the principles of Open Access, the global movement founded to enhance the accessibility to knowledge by everyone and to facilitate the advancement of research and education.

As of January 1 2018 ISTI has adopted an institutional Open Access Policy and has developed Guidelines for the management of the research products in support of the Policy.

ISTI aims to realize the Open Access to the research products through the PEOPLE Institutional Archive and through the ISTI Open Portal system.

The Archive PEOPLE is developed and managed by the CNR’s Networks and Information Systems Office. In this archive authors are allowed to enter the description of the contributions (metadata) and the digital version of the papers.

The ISTI Open Portal system, developed and maintained by ISTI, is dedicated to the enrichment and the use of the scientific contributions deposited in PEOPLE.

Policy Open Access dell'ISTI

Linee guida per il deposito Open Access in PEOPLE

Supporto per il deposito in PEOPLE

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