Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining Laboratory (KDD)

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Head: Fosca Giannotti

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The Knowledge Discovery and Delivery Laboratory (KDD) is a joint research group of ISTI (Institute of Italian National Research Council) and the Computer Science Department of University of Pisa.

The objective of the laboratory is the development of theory, techniques, architectures, and systems for extracting and delivering useful knowledge out of large masses of data.

The mission of the KDD laboratory is to pursue fundamental research, strategic applications and higher education in the areas of:

  1. Knowledge discovery and web mining
  2. Complex reasoning and discovery in Geographic Information Systems
  3. Natural Language processing and text mining

The laboratory operates in a multidisciplinary fashion, integrating expertise in databases, computational logic, geographic information systems, statistics and natural language processing. Each participant in the laboratory, albeit keeping her own specific role and expertise, brings contributions to the overall mission of the laboratory by operating at all the three levels of activity.

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