Wireless Networks Laboratory (WN)

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Web: http://wnlab.isti.cnr.it/

Head: Paolo Barsocchi

Wireless networks are among the fastest-growing areas in networking research. Wireless communications extend the capabilities of fixed networks, to include location-independent information storage, transport, retrieval and processing, and to support mobility of terminals and users. Besides, wireless networks provide cheaper and faster deployment of immersive and pervasive computing systems. In fact, ubiquitous systems have triggered a new epoch for the ICT, where technology recedes into the background of our lives and seamlessly pervades the surrounding spaces. The arrival of pervasive communication was disruptive. Right now, we are living in a world of pervasive communications, where computing and communication technologies embrace people and assist them to improve their lives, their well-being, and to improve their social interactions. In the future, human life will be increasingly pervaded by communications and immersed in data, which, appropriately analyzed will help to understand the human needs and to prevent them. Cities, spaces, and communities will be getting smarter: pervasive computing and communications are a prerequisite for such a future. Wireless networks cover a broad spectrum of technologies and topics, such as:

  • Pervasive computing applications for Ambient Intelligence (AI)
  • Pervasive computing for energy-efficient and green buildings
  • Programming paradigms for pervasive systems
  • Architectures, protocols, and technologies for pervasive communications
  • Opportunistic networking and sensing
  • Communication middleware for pervasive services and applications
  • Context-aware computing
  • Mobile/wearable computing systems and services
  • Positioning and tracking technologies
  • Multimodal sensing for data fusion and pattern recognition
  • Activity recognition
  • Smart devices and smart spaces
  • Social models for pervasive systems

The Wireless Networks research laboratory (WNLab) conducts fundamental and applied research covering the following topics:Ambient Assisted Living (AAL), Communication Middleware for context awareness, Indoor localisation, Mobile social computing, Sensing Technologies for Monitoring Systems (applied to cultural heritage, Well-Being, and Energy Consumption), Sensor-Based Activity recognition, and Wireless Communications (from satellites to terrestrial wireless sensors). The Laboratory also conducts educational activities, involving PhDs, graduate, and undergraduate students.

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