• Units: SI
  • Day: 2014-01-17

According to medical semeiotics, human face is a precious discloser of key information about the healthy or unhealthy status of individuals. The central idea in SEMEOTICONS, which stands for SEMEiotic Oriented Technology for Individual's CardiOmetabolic risk self-assessmeNt and Self-monitoring, an EU FP7 Project coordinated by the Institute of Information Science and Technologies with the support of the Institute of Clinical Physiology of CNR in Pisa, is to exploit the face as a major indicator of individual's well-being by tracing traits of physical and expressive status. In accordance to a semeiotics viewpoint, face signs will be mapped to measures and computational descriptors, automatically assessed by an innovative multi-sensory system integrated into a hardware platform having the exterior aspect of a mirror. This device will act as a "wise wizard", in one word wize mirror, and will collect data mainly in the form of videos and images, which will be processed by advanced dedicated methods to extract biometric, morphometric, colorimetric, and compositional descriptors derived from individual's face. Such descriptors will be integrated into a "wellness index", used to trace and monitor the daily evolution of individual's wellbeing status. Suggestions and coaching messages will be provided to foster the maintenance of a correct lifestyle or reduce noxious habits. Users will be enabled to share data in their wellbeing diary with health professionals so as to receive, when needed, direct expert guidance and support.