ISTI Day 2023-2024
June, 14th
  • Units: VC
  • Day: 2017-01-16

A new project has been recently financed, starting in 2017: a joint international research lab on 3D digitisation, whose goal is to integrate and foster the skills and technical resources of CNR-ISTI Visual Computing Lab (led by Roberto Scopigno) and CNRS-MAP (led by Livio de Luca).
Several issues stand between the current 3D digitization technologies and their massive use, especially in the Cultural Heritage (CH) domain. The aim of this joint lab project is to integrate the skills and previous expertise of two international leader labs, to design new solutions to make massive acquisition really possible in the near future.
The main goal of the first part of the project will be to design new practical approaches for high-fidelity digitization and color/reflectance sampling, and to implement tools for web-based collaborative use and semantic enrichment of the 3D models. A collateral but not secondary result will the the design of a digitization platform to be shared with the respective Culture Ministries.
Contact: R. Scopigno, Visual Computing Lab, CNR-ISTI,