ISTI Day 2023-2024
14 Giugno

Generative AI, a subset within the realm of artificial intelligence, has undergone significant progress in recent years. This progress empowers machines to craft, imitate, and produce content that closely mirrors human creations.
The application of generative AI on mobility data can benefit studies on urban and mobility data in several aspects: for instance, researchers can leverage new datasets, perform what-if analysis in cases of changes in, e.g., the road network or on the public transport schedule, and possibly evaluate differences between cities.
Furthermore, generating synthetic mobility datasets can offer numerous benefits regarding privacy, confidentiality, and proprietary concerns.
While the application of these technologies in handling urban and mobility data is still in its early stages, its potential impact on research endeavors and decision support systems for policymakers within the urban context is noteworthy.

The first workshop on Generative AI for Mobility data (GenAI4MoD) therefore aims to unite researchers and practitioners to exchange insights into the current state of research on Generative AI for urban data. The overarching goal is to foster collaboration and establish a research network that accelerates the development of novel ideas and practical solutions in this field.
The workshop will be held in Brussels, Belgium, on June 24th and will co-located with the 25th IEEE International Conference on Mobile Data Management Conference (MDM 2024).